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March 26, 2007 - Chachi and George

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

Lee would like to tell you about a couple of our new monkey arrivals:

Remember the 50's when things were, well- things were- "Sunday, Monday, Happy Days; Tuesday, Wednesday Happy Days; Thursday, Friday Happy Days?" Well, Happy Days have arrived at Jungle Friends' we are happy to introduce: Chachi!

ChachiChachi is a marmoset who recently came to Jungle Friends because the 'owners' knew he needed to be with other monkeys. In his previous home, it seems Chachi preferred the dogs to the people, anyway. He would 'protect' the dogs by biting and attacking the humans whenever they tried to interact with the poor little guys. No one was happy with that situation, so something had to be done. Soon Chachi was taking a ride, not on a motorcycle but in a motor home headed to Florida and Jungle Friends.

Now we're working on producing the next episode in the series: a girl for Chachi! If all goes well we may soon have a trio a female marmosets heading our way, and our three marmoset bachelors will be playing a round of "The Dating Game." We don't know yet if one of the bachelorettes will be named Joanie, but we're betting that Chachi will love her just the same. Stay tuned!


Now, picture a lush jungle setting, elephants trumpeting, native drums pounding out a catchy rhythm. What does this add up to? "George, George, George of the Jungle Friends?"

GeorgeYes, George arrived rather unexpectedly and is fitting in very well with "Jungle" life. George, a brown capuchin, was a 'pet' for 18 years. He attacked his previous owner so many times that eventually the owner had all of George's teeth removed, in hopes of coexisting with a wild animal. Unfortunately, these types of drastic measures do not solve the problem. The instinct for dominance is there, and George heard the calling. When the attacks occurred daily, the owner finally said "enough" and George headed to Jungle Friends to be with his own kind.

George arrived on March 11th, and within a short time has made himself at home. He enjoys the large outdoor habitats, and a favorite pastime is taking leaves off the plants and either sampling them himself or offering them to our carestaff. When George is not busy with plant destruction, he is checking out his new girlfriend, Jill. Although Jill has not yet sent George swinging into any trees in blind love, the two have been found snuggled up together in the night. The pair now inspires the carestaff to sing a new song when passing by their habitat... "Hey, there's George's girl...", which he seems to prefer to "Georgie Porgie puddin' and pie" George is usually displaying a big play face and he knows that when he finally gets up the nerve to kiss Jill, it won't make her cry!

Now for some 'Monkey Business' as Lee mentioned above, we were just informed of three eligible female marmosets that are being released from research. We will need transportation funds to get them to the sanctuary to meet our lonely boys. So, please send your donation today for travel expenses for the bachelorettes to come to live at Jungle Friends in Munchkin Land.

I would like to say a very special thanks to Lynn who donated $3,000 toward Simon's new home here at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary - THANK YOU, Lynn!!! We hope to have Simon here in a week or two, just as soon as the habitats are complete! And hats off to Chris who purchased many of the tools on our Home Depot registry! I had the best birthday ever - THANK YOU, Chris!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks