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May 15, 2008 - Emergency Arrivals at Jungle Friends!

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

Jungle Friends has had two emergency arrivals in the past two weeks! Both monkeys came to us from a life or death situation, and now I must ask our Jungle Friends family to help provide for Tessa and BamBam. Please help us give these little girls the life they deserve.

Tessa almost died from diabetes.Tessa is a four-year-old diabetic brown capuchin who was near death when her "owner" contacted Jungle Friends. Type 2 diabetes, caused by a poor diet, stress and inactivity, is common in 'pet' monkeys. Before her diabetes was diagnosed, Tessa's glucose had skyrocketed to 1120; she had lost weight and was difficult to wake. It was a race to get her glucose under control in time to save her life. I coached Tessa's "owner" through the intensive process of establishing an insulin regimen and monitoring her progress. Tessa gained weight and was soon well enough to make the journey to Jungle Friends.

Tessa is regaining her health

Tessa arrived on April 28th with her "owner", who planned to stay until Tessa was settled in, her diabetes under control and her insulin regulated. This is our preferred method of acclimating new arrivals; the presence of their familiar humans eases the transition to a new environment. This is especially important for diabetics, since stress will raise glucose levels.

Tessa was responding so well, we thought it would be clear sailing to get this young monkey restored to health and settled in her new home. But Tessa was in for another huge setback. Now that Tessa was at a sanctuary, her 'owner' decided to leave after only three days! Tessa was devastated.

Fortunately for Tessa, Jungle Friends has a dedicated and compassionate carestaff who watched over her night and day. We got Tessa weaned off insulin, weaned off humans and playing with the other monkeys! Her sunken eyes now shine bright. Tessa is having the time of her life at Jungle Friends romping and wrestling with other youngsters that call Jungle Friends home.

Tessa plays with MarioChucky and Tessa share a snack
More monkey play

BamBamBamBam is a three-year-old weeper capuchin who arrived last Friday, May 2nd. BamBam had been purchased as a "substitute child", and had a rough go of it. Biting and scratching is natural for a monkey, but is not acceptable behavior in a human family and led to BamBam being quarantined for 30 days in 2006. After she was released, she was bounced from home to home as a result of the "owner's" personal problems, until she was finally confiscated following another biting incident. BamBam was held at Animal Control in Minnesota for five months. She was facing euthanasia! Fortunately for BamBam, she found a home at Jungle Friends.

Angie and Karen, two loyal JF supporters, transported BamBam to Jungle Friends. They then spent their entire week's vacation working non-stop at the sanctuary. They built two more habitats practically single handedly! And if that weren't enough, they left us with generous donations, and Karen became BamBam's first sponsor!!

BamBam explores her new home

When BamBam first arrived she was nervous and scared, but within a matter of hours she was climbing in the trees, swinging on the ropes and talking to Charlotte in the habitat next door. We situated BamBam near Louie, another young weeper capuchin, and are planning to socialize the pair. Keep your fingers crossed for a match!

BamBam climbing trees

It looks like a happy ending for these monkeys BUT - there is a hitch. The two new habitats were built with funds earmarked for three other monkeys. Andy, Dharma and Darwin are scheduled to arrive in just a few weeks, and the habitats planned and funded for them are now occupied by other monkeys!

The newest Jungle Friends habitat

BamBam and Tessa are two of the sweetest monkeys I have ever met. Both of these girls nearly lost their lives through no fault of their own, due to human arrogance and ignorance. We could not turn our backs on them, so once again we had to "rob Peter to pay Paul", and now we must scramble to balance the books again and accommodate the other monkeys who were promised a sanctuary home. The cost to build habitats for BamBam and Tessa is about $5,000 each. Please help us with funding for the habitats we desperately need before the other monkeys arrive!

Thank you so much for your continued support and for your compassion for BamBam and Tessa!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks