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Ebi has suffered an injury!!

March 30, 2010

Yesterday, Ebi was dragging his left leg, so we took him to our vet for diagnosis. The x-rays showed that he had dislocated his hip. Efforts to put it back in place were unsuccessful, so Dr. Schirmer called the UF vet school to consult with specialists.

Bad news: we learned that once the hip is out of the socket for more than two hours, scar tissue starts to form and that is why the hip will not stay in the socket. One option is to try crushing the scar tissue, putting the hip back in place and immobilizing the leg for a couple of weeks. This might allow the tissue to grow back and keep the hip in the joint. Dr. Schirmer is going to try that this afternoon.

The worry is that the sciatic nerve or the femoral nerve could be restricted, causing neuropathy, which we know could lead to self mutilation. Ebi has no teeth so he would not do as much damage as Darwin was doing on himself, if his nerves were damaged.

If the procedure doesn't work, the next step would be surgery to clean out the scar tissue and put the hip back with a toggle to hold it in place. This surgery would cost about $2500, yikes! If that procedure also fails, as a last resort we would have to amputate the leg.

Please send your healing thoughts and positive energy to Ebi -- and be sure to join Ebi's Facebook Cause for news and updates on his condition. He's a tough old guy, and we love him! And if you are able to make a donation to help with Ebi's medical expenses it would be much appreciated!

Lots of Monkey Love, Kari & the Monks

Ebi with his good friend Mickey
Ebi and Mickey

Eating walnuts requires hand and feet!
Ebi with nut

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