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November 16, 2006 - Miko and Cooper arrive, update on Molly, National Geographic, and Holiday Mailer

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

We have two new additions to our Jungle Friends Family!

MikoMiko, a young tufted-ear marmoset, arrived on September 19th. He was being kept as a "pet" in San Mateo, California and was allowed to run about the neighborhood enjoying his freedom - until he was first caught by a raccoon, who chewed off most of his tail, and then "caught" by the authorities. Because it is illegal to own monkeys as "pets" in California, Miko was taken to the Peninsula Humane Society where a compassionate staff cared for him. PETA contacted Jungle Friends about placing Miko at the sanctuary; we accepted and PETA donated $800 to help with his care. Miko settled into Munchkin Land very well. He enjoyed all of the new sights and sounds and especially the antics of Dodger and Isabelle, his next-door neighbors.

CooperLuckily for Miko, we soon got a call from someone in Michigan who was searching for a home for his little female marmoset, Cooper! She is about 10 years old and joined Miko at Jungle Friends on November 9th. Cooper's check up at the Vet School revealed that her ribs are pressing on her lung, causing heavy breathing, which had concerned us. She also has a problem with her spine causing her head to tilt, and her liver is in the wrong place. However, our veterinarians feel that with a good diet, sunshine and another monkey to play with, she will live a full life.

Cooper and MikoWhen Cooper met Miko it was "love at first sight." Since we'd already had confirmation on Miko's successful vasectomy, we were able to quickly unite the happy couple. They are delighted with the new arrangement, and are often found snuggling together in their cozy nest.

A film crew from National Geographic Channel was here to film Cooper's arrival and introduction to Miko for a 12-part series on "pets" that will air next year. The film crew will return later to shoot more footage to do an entire segment about Jungle Friends. We'll let you know when the shows will air as soon as we find out.

And more Jungle Friends in the media- Maggie Fitzroy, a reporter from Jacksonville, wrote a nice story about Jungle Friends. The photos feature Sam and Charlotte, Ernie and Hayley, Little Dodger, Miss Curri and Buddie and a couple of her friends! To see the story, go to this link.

Sara and Curri Jungle Friends employee Sara Smith holds Curri, a squirrel monkey that needs individual care because she is elderly and disabled. MAGGIE FITZROY/Staff


Updates from previous Jungle News


Christopher and Macy
Christopher and Macy,
hard at play

We have another "love connection"! Macy and Christopher have been socialized and are doing just great! They are both still in need of sponsors.

I am happy to report that Molly is doing much better, and I have some very interesting news - Molly doesn't appear to be diabetic any longer!

We have tested her blood several times and she has tested low or normal. She is off of her diabetes medication and we hope her blood continues to test normal. It will not be long before we move the other spiders to meet Mike and Molly and when we do, we will let our generous donors know about the plans for the get together. We thank you for making it possible for Molly and Mike to join our Jungle Friends family.

It's that time of year again

2006 holiday card
New holiday cards
2007 calendar
2007 calendar

Many of you have inquired about our 2007 Calendar and this year's Holiday Cards. Well, we have some good news - the new Holiday Cards are just beautiful, featuring Samantha and Charlotte, the little darlings! And it looks like one of our new arrivals Pipperoo, will be our Calendar 'cover girl' for 2007.

We recently sent out our Holiday Mailer (printed compliments of Renaissance Printing), so if you haven't received it, we probably don't have your address! Send your postal address through our Contact Us page and we'll get a copy in the mail to you right away (or something more current). Goldie mugWe are featuring several of our new arrivals, lots of monkey photos and their stories. We also have some new "Monkey Merchandise." The new mugs are just beautiful and will make great gifts. Visit Monkey Art and Gifts on our website to order mugs, cards, calendars, monkey art and more.

We have been asked to accept 26 more squirrel monkeys that will be retiring from laboratory research. Please send a donation to Jungle Friends today to help those who cannot help themselves.

Jungle Friends is still searching for monkey caregivers; if you or anyone you know may be interested in a full-time career working with monkeys, please go to the website for more information: Employment. If you cannot stay forever, we also offer Internship and Volunteer opportunities. We especially need help this month!

Speaking of help, I know that some of you have heard about the troubles at Primarily Primates. If you are interested in going to Texas and volunteering in the efforts or would like to sponsor volunteers to go, please Contact Us.

Thank you so much for all of your generous donations to the Jungle Friends monkeys!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks