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November 16, 2007 - Great news for the 9 monkeys at risk

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

We did it!! The indoor enclosures arrived today and the monkeys will be coming to Jungle Friends on Wednesday of next week. What a wonderful Thanksgiving for these little guys!

Not only did we get all of the funds needed for the indoor enclosures - we also received enough in donations for ALL of the outdoor habitats too!! Thank you, thank you and thank you again to all of our compassionate donors who were so generous!

Brittany is Jungle Friends' new caregiverBut wait, there's more!
The Dharma Foundation has awarded us a grant to hire a caregiver for one year to help with our unexpected arrivals. And who better for the task than Brittany Adair! Many of you know Brittany; she has been a part of our Jungle Friends family since May of 2005 and has completed two successful internships here at Jungle Friends. We are happy to announce her arrival to fill the caregiver position made possible by the Dharma Foundation!

We are launching a campaign called "The Hundredth Monkey" to fundraise for our Research Retirement Fund. If you are not on our mailing list or know anyone who would like to be on our list, please Contact Us with the postal addresses to be included. (We do not sell or trade our lists.)

"The Hundredth Monkey" campaign will not only help these nine monkeys, but will help us to offer a safe haven for many other monkeys that will be retiring from research very soon. Among the retirees Jungle Friends plans to accept are 5 to 7 pairs of "special needs" cotton-top tamarins. The research was started in the early 1970s and the University is anxious to rehome these monkeys to Jungle Friends and is willing to help out financially! Monet and Xena are two of the cotton-top tamarin monkeys who hope to call Jungle Friends home next spring.

Monet Xena
Monet Xena

A beautiful song called "The Hundredth Monkey" was written for Jungle Friends, and we have used it to create a powerful new video to bring awareness to the plight of monkeys in captivity. The video includes some wonderful scenes of the Jungle Friends monkeys playing at the sanctuary. You will love the song and will fall in love with the monkeys! Please take ten minutes right now to watch The Hundredth Monkey,
and then forward the link to everyone you know.

When you make a donation to the Jungle Friends monkeys as a gift to honor someone special, we will acknowledge your donation by sending them a beautiful monkey card.

Please help us make retirement a reality for the cotton-top tamarins - make a donation today!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

Please forward this post to everyone you know!