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November 4, 2007 - Desperate situation for 9 monkeys!

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

One of the laboratories called us last week with some bad news; we need to move their monkeys to Jungle Friends as soon as possible or they will be sold back into research! Originally we thought we had until spring, but that is no longer the case. There are 5 marmosets and 4 juvenile squirrel monkeys at risk. We are anxious to get these little guys out of danger.


Breakdown of funds needed:
Outdoor enclosures (4) $10,000.00
Indoor enclosures (4) 5,000.00
Slider doors 1,500.00
Runways 2,000.00
Freight 1,000.00

Breakdown of funds received:
International Primate Protection League $750.00
Monkey Love Art Exhibit 477.00
Pledge from lab techs 500.00
Individual JF Donors 725.00
Primates Incorporated 55.00

Even though it seems like a lot of money when we still need $17,000, our immediate need is to raise the funds to buy the indoor enclosures. We will then be able to move these monkeys to safety before it is too late, and worry about building their outdoor habitats after they are out of harm's way.

We need $2,500 more for the indoor enclosures that will provide these monkeys with a safe haven. The manufacturer has promised he will rush our order as quickly as possible - we just need the funding that will allow us to place the order. If I can assure the "powers that be" that we will be able to accept these monkeys within 30 days, they will not sell them! Please help me make that call to the lab by making a donation today!


More research...
or a new life?
Ernie is one of the monkeys in jeopardy.

Research Retirement Fund

Please help us help them.

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks