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October 12, 2010 - Calling all monkey lovers!

Dear Friend,

The Pepsi Refresh Project is heating up -- and we need your help to catch up! Jungle Friends has dropped in ranking, but we are still in the top 20%. It's time to rally all Monkey Lovers to move us to the top.

Vote for Jungle Friends!

The $250,000 award can make our Expansion Project a reality. The funding for land and habitats will enable us to keep saying "YES" to monkeys in desperate need.

Ask your friends to vote!

The Jungle Friends monkeys have created a special Monkey Art gift to thank you for helping us rally support! When you send 10 eCards to your friends, you will receive a 3x5 “monkey masterpiece” and wallet photo of the monkey artist. Keep sending eCards to collect the entire series of twelve limited edition monkey art prints.

PLEASE, don’t forget to VOTE EVERY DAY in October. You can vote online AND by texting! The monkeys are counting on you!

Kari Bagnall, Executive Director