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October 5, 2010 - Paint by numbers... win big for the monkeys!

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

You don’t have to be an artist to paint a bright new future for monkeys in need. In fact, you can “paint by numbers”…

1 - Vote for Jungle Friends every day!

2 - Ask your friends to vote!

3 - Receive a special thank you gift!

Our monkeys have been very busy painting their “monkey masterpieces” as a special gift for our supporters on the Pepsi Refresh Project campaign!

Use our Monkey Art eCards to spread the word and receive a different 3x5 art print and monkey photo for every 10 eCards you send – collect the entire series of twelve limited edition monkey art prints!

Your votes could win $250,000 for Jungle Friends, which will ensure the success of our Expansion Project! Please, vote for Jungle Friends in the Pepsi Refresh Project every day in October.

Kari Bagnall, Executive Director

P.S. Jungle Friends dropped in rank today from #13 to #44! We really need your votes every day to stay in the running. If you put it off it will be too late!

PLEASE keep voting and asking all of your friends to vote every day in October. And please sign up for Daily Monkey Reminders to have the vote link sent directly to you in an email. The reminders will come from a different Jungle Friends monkey every day; you will love it!