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Sept 23, 2008 - Make-A-Wish Kids

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

James, Daniele, Wesley, David
James, Daniele, Wesley, David

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary was given the privilege of hosting a "Wish" for two extraordinary boys! James, 15, and Wesley, 13, were born with a rare form of pulmonary fibrosis - an incurable disease. James and Wesley's mother, Daniele, was told that the boys would not live past two years old; these two incredible boys are miracles living far beyond expectation. James and Wesley's spirit is inspiring; they love life and it shows!

James and Wesley were here for three days - building habitats, preparing and serving the monkeys' breakfast, even bottle feeding the baby monkeys that arrived still on formula.

diets for the marmosets and tamarins
Wesley and James prepare diets for the marmosets and tamarins
James bottle feeding Jak
James bottle feeding Jak

Wesley and James assist the veterinarian with Mario's examination

They also were invited to assist our veterinarian, Dr. Terry Heaton-Jones, who visits the sanctuary every Tuesday to care for the monkeys' medical issues.

Dr. Terry was very impressed; the boys took the monkeys' vital signs every five minutes -- Wesley was better at finding Mario's heartbeat than some of our interns and James was a master with the thermometer!

I really enjoyed having James and Wesley here at the sanctuary and the boys were just thrilled to learn all about the monkeys. The monkeys also truly enjoyed the boys' visit and both James and Wesley fell for the Jungle Friends monkeys. James sponsored Einstein and Wesley sponsored Abby!

Proud new monkey sponsors!

James with Einstein

Wesley feeding Abby

Of course, no visit to Jungle Friends is complete without 'Monkey Art.' The monkeys painted a couple of masterpieces for these deserving boys.

Making monkey art

A new masterpiece!

Not wanting to be outdone by the monkeys, James and Wesley decided to create 'Human Art'! They were taught to paint by Mary Orem, my 95-year-old grandmother, who lives with me here at Jungle Friends. Both boys painted beautiful works of art. Even the monkeys were impressed! Click on Make-A-Wish to watch the TV 20 news report about the boys' visit to Jungle Friends.

And speaking of Art

Donna, one of our valued supporters, is organizing a 'Monkey Art Exhibit' which opens on October 11th at Light N Up Art Co-Op and Studios in Havana, Florida. Visit our website for more details, or click here for your invitation to the opening night reception. Hope you'll join us at the party for music, refreshments and one of my famous PowerPoint presentations!

And speaking of parties

We'd like to encourage our 'Jungle Friends family' of all ages to follow Donna's lead and 'take action' for the monkeys early in October. World Animal Day is October 4th, and what better reason to throw a monkey bash in support of Jungle Friends? Your event can be as simple as asking some friends over for dinner, donations and monkey movies? or as elaborate as you can imagine! We'd especially love it if some of our young friends would host an event -- and send us lots of pictures to help us launch our new 'Kids For Monkeys' web page -- coming soon! Some of our young monkey fans have had great success in the past with 'Monkey Parties'and fundraisers for Jungle Friends.

And speaking of Monkey Movies and the website

Monkeys in the MediaWe have had inquiries about Louie and now you can see for yourself how great he and BamBam are doing -- in our latest monkey movie, 'Crazy Love'! And if you haven't been to our website in a while, you are missing out on lots of great Monkey Movies and one of our newest pages -- Monkeys in the Media.

And speaking of monkeys


Marmoset Village has a new resident! To learn more about our new arrival click on Noah He is quite the little acrobat and is very interested in his next door neighbor!

Many of you have been asking how our recent laboratory retirees, the cotton top tamarins, have been doing. So, just for you, Ashlei and I have created a Monkey Movie for your viewing pleasure? take a look at 'Tamarin Town'

I apologize for the delay in getting back to all of you, but I have been overwhelmed and overworked and I need help! If you know of anyone interested in working at Jungle Friends as my Personal Executive Assistant, PLEASE send them my way! We also have an opening for another Monkey Caregiver. For more information about our job openings click on 'Opportunities'.

Oh, I almost forgot -- please send money!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks