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September 10, 2011 - Please send healing thoughts for Brandy!


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Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

Please send your healing thoughts, energy and prayers to Brandy. She has been having a really tough time breathing. I took Brandy to the vet this morning and they are not sure what is going on exactly. It could be cancer, we are hoping NOT, and it could be a yeast infection in her throat, either way, she can barely breathe. The mass is pushing on her lungs and moving her heart.

Dr. Schirmer has her on medication for yeast, antibiotic, herbs and he gave her a steroid injection to help her breathe easier. If she has not improved overnight, I will take her back to the vet in the morning for other options.

Those of you who know me well, know that I believe in miracles! I also know the power of good thoughts from good people like you. I will keep you posted on Brandy's progress.

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks