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September 14, 2009 - Rumor winners, new arrivals and Monkey Biz

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

Jak and Abby paintingPlease purchase your tickets for the "Monkey Biz Las Vegas" Fundraiser & Monkey Art Exhibit today! We must provide the chefs of our scrumptious vegan meal with a final number of attendees by the end of this week! Tickets can be purchased here.

As there is never a dull moment at Jungle Friends, we have lots to tell! Let's begin with recent arrivals to our sanctuary home...

On June 28, 2009, after months of preparation, Meko Monster and his companion of ten years, Miki Moo, arrived at Jungle Friends. Meko and Miki are brown capuchins who met the fate of many "pet" monkeys; they were ousted from their previous home after attacking their "owners." Also, like many monkeys in captive situations, Meko is diabetic and was insulin-dependent upon his arrival at the sanctuary.

Meko Meko Monster
Miki Miki Moo
Tiki Tiki

Miki Moo Tiki Meko is a real "man's man"; he will erupt into excited screams over any male within sight! He is often seen patrolling the runways surrounding their habitat, protecting their new home. His name is misleading, however, as Meko is no "Monster." When he smiles, he looks like a pleasantly plump and cheerful Buddha, ready to impart wisdom and brighten your day!

Miki is doing wonderfully, as well! She is a very sweet and sensitive girl who was initially distraught by the move. Several months later, however, her concerned looks and lost calls have turned into play faces and giggles!

As for the newest member of the Jungle Friends family…

Tiki, a one-year-old common marmoset, arrived at Jungle Friends on July 17th after a long journey that began in Kentucky. Initially, the prospect of yet another home was overwhelming and caused him to cry constantly. He spent his first night at the sanctuary bundled in a blanket at the base of his indoor enclosure and refusing food, with the exception of applesauce!

When his caregivers felt that Tiki was ready for the next step, he was allowed into the sunshine and splendor of his outdoor habitat. As he crossed the threshold into this exciting new space, a whole new marmoset emerged. Finally, Tiki was exploring the great outdoors -- it was a wonderful event to witness! Check it out on our Facebook Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/video/video.php?v=139716260812

Tiki has since been socialized with another marmoset named Bessie, who arrived at Jungle Friends in June. Because Tiki had not been with another marmoset since being taken away from his mother, he was intimidated at first by this voluptuous older woman. Tiki seemed a bit uncomfortable with her attempts to groom him. The next morning, Jadie, one of our incredible interns, entered the marmosets' indoor quarters just in time to see two sleepyheads, eyes struggling to open, emerge from inside the same hammock!

Since that initial "sleepover" Tiki and Bessie have become a dynamic duo -- they eat, drink, play and rest together. Bessie is extremely protective of young Tiki!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for…the winner of our Broken Wrist Rumor Contest will at last be revealed!

But first, let us review our Runners Up and Kari's response to their worthy attempts...

In the 'Wild and Crazy' Category: Runner Up Number 4

"Well, I know exactly what happened. She was in Mexico drinking way too many Margaritas in Senor Frogs bar and was dancing on the table drinking tequila shots. She decided that not only could she be a star on the table but she could put a chair on the table and dance on that. You know how she always wants to be noticed?? While on the chair, still drinking the shots that were passed to her from below, a bunch of bikers showed up and bet her (another Tequila shot) that she could jump into their arms. Well, the rest is history. She didn't make it. Being tough, she still continued to dance and party and didn't realize until the next morning that she'd better go to the hospital. Really Kari, I just don't know why you are trying to keep the truth from everyone." - Lesley

Kari's response: "Nice try, except I don't drink and I would never go THAT FAR away from the monkeys -- but I do love to go wild on the dance floor! Hope you'll all join me at the ‘Banana Split' After Party Sept. 25 in Las Vegas!"

In the 'Most Likely' Category: Runner Up Number 3

"Mystery solved... It's really quite logical. Kari broke her wrist making coffee, here's the story: She woke, once again sleeping very little and needing her first cuppa brew. She picked up her favorite wonderfully smelling grounds and packed her basket full. As she turned to put the coffee back on the shelf it dropped to the floor, grounds were everywhere. Hmmm. Dangit. Still sleepy she went to get the cleaning supplies (cleaning supplies are everywhere, in case you didn't know). That's when it happened. She slipped on the grounds; trying to catch herself, she extended her arm and that was that. OUCH!!! She probably cleaned it all up and finished making the coffee before driving herself to the doctor. It makes sense to me." -- Tess

Kari's response: "That does sound like me… except for the full basket part… haven't you heard about Kari's Candy Coffee? Too strong is all wrong!"

In the 'Mistaken Identity' Category: Runner Up Number 2

"I heard that Kari was arm wrestling Claude for the last Oreo - Claude really wanted that Oreo!!" - Michael

Kari's response: "This actually happened, except Claude was the one who got hurt!"

In the 'Favorite Fantasy' Category: Runner Up Number 1

"She wore it out signing deposit slips from all the donations to Jungle Friends!" - Veda

Kari's response: "I wish! But I will happily sacrifice my other wrist -- keep those checks comin'!"

And finally, OUR WINNER!

"One bright crisp morning Kari was driving the golf cart in her cute monkey pajamas, bright red hat and scarf singing at the top of her lungs: 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'. In the middle of the second verse, a sudden breeze blew off her hat. Without missing a note -she whipped her cart around to pick it up and fell out of the cart in front of Baby Udi. He, being the loving soul he is, offered her soothing kisses while he watched her carefully dust herself off. Sadly, the result of the fall was her fractured wrist. Speedy recovery Kari!" -- Barb, "The Canadian Cleaning Machine"

Kari's response: "Barb, you are a super sleuth! That's just what happened (as documented by our on-the-spot photographer). How did you know?!"

Broken wrist mystery solved!

Congratulations, Barb! We like your version so much we've written into official Jungle Friends history. Keep an eye on your mailbox -- your original monkey art masterpiece will be on its way shortly!

Mark your calendars for another upcoming event... Kari will be speaking at Central Florida VegFest on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at beautiful Loch Haven Park in Orlando. Admission is FREE! VegFest is a family-friendly and smoke-free event. Come out for the day (10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) for vegetarian cuisine, colorful and educational exhibits and presentations. http://www.cfvegfest.org/

That's all for now! Don't forget to purchase your tickets to "Monkey Biz" and we'll see you in Vegas! If you can't get there, just send money!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari, Chris and CJ