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September 23, 2011 - Don't miss the party! VIP Jamboree today!

September 23, 2011

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Monkey Art is on display now at the Hipp!

Sammy will soon join our
Jungle Friends family!
Funds have been
secured for this
urgent rescue.

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Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Today's the day! Don't miss the Monkey Art Exhibit and our VIP (Very Important Primate) Jungle Jamboree fundraiser at the Hippodrome in Gainesville, TODAY from 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm!

This gala, which precedes the Gainesville premiere of Project Nim, highlights our fundraising campaign for the most important of our Take Action for Expansion Project Goals…the purchase of the 20-acre property adjoining the sanctuary! This property is perfect for our needs, and the owner has offered it to us at a reduced price of $250,000.

For so many captive primates, like Nim, a sanctuary home is the only hope for freedom from abuse. Jungle Friends is dedicated to providing just such a home for monkeys in need -- but we need the room to grow! More room means more rescues -- and there are many other Benefits of the Property Purchase.

Our Monkey Art Specialists, Mary Anne and Jeff Norris, have been busy hanging the Monkey Art Exhibit and it is beautiful! Monkey Art is all the rage, from prints to custom-framed originals -- so be sure to do your holiday shopping at the Hippodrome before the exhibit closes on Oct 3!

We are excited to welcome as our special guests some of the real-life "cast" of Nim's story, including... Bob Ingersoll, the "hero" who was instrumental in rescuing Nim from research; Renee Falitz, Nim's sign language teacher; and Elizabeth Hess, author of the book that inspired the film, "Nim Chimpsky; The Chimp Who Would Be Human".

The film Project Nim will be shown after the Jamboree, at 6:30 pm. Following the film, Bob, Renee and Elizabeth will host a film discussion. You can also purchase the book and have it signed by the "cast" of Nim's story!

We are expecting a sell-out event, so order your Jamboree tickets now! Film tickets should be purchased separately from the Hippodrome, either online or at the box office.

Be there or be square!!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

P.S. Wonderful news about Brandy! She is now running, frisking and having a grand time here at the sanctuary. Thank you all for the healing thoughts, kind words and donations in support of Brandy's recovery!