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September 7, 2011 - Meet Renee, another friend of Nim's, and Blair the marmoset!


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More Good News!

Renee Falitz will be joining us for the festivities surrounding Project Nim. Renee spent a year with Nim as research assistant and sign language specialist.

While teaching Nim to sign and documenting his progress, Renee was deeply involved in his daily life and care.

ARZone Podcast
Hey, Hey, We're the Primates.

The ARZone team interviewed Bob Ingersoll, Nim's hero, and Kari, our founder, about the events surrounding the screening of Project Nim. Be sure to listen to the Podcast to learn more about the important message of the film, Project Nim.

BlairMeet Blair

She is a beautiful black tufted-ear marmoset who was confiscated by the authorities. We are building Blair a new habitat here at Jungle Friends situated in-between our two lone bachelors – Bachelor #1 Momo, a handsome fellow and Bachelor #2 Mojo, with quite the personality. Who will she choose?? We will keep you in the loop; meanwhile, Blair needs a sponsor.

Please sponsor Blair today. Sponsorships make great gifts!