Why Are There Baby Monkeys at a Sanctuary?

The babies at Jungle Friends are the result of a Monkey Rescue on October 1, 2010. The babies are Monkers, Zumie, Mochi, Michelle's little baby born on April 11, 2011, and now Elizabeth's baby, born July 1, 2011.

As a sanctuary, Jungle Friends has a no-breeding policy. So, it was quite a surprise to find expectant mothers turning up! We accepted a group of monkeys from Texas and it is now obvious that a vasectomy failed. The situation has been remedied.

Broken Bonds

Broken Bonds
Witness the miracle of birth and a mother’s love. Featuring Michelle, one of the monkeys rescued from Texas. Sadly, this baby monkey is born into a cage. Happily, this baby will not be stolen from her mother to be sold as a ‘pet’ or into research.

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Baby Monkey Videos

Eat, Groom, Play . . . Baby Monkeys at Jungle Friends
Jungle Friends staff stepped in to bottle feed the baby and care for his physical needs...and little Monkers stepped up to provide monkey nurturing. Monkers has appointed herself as his new little mom - carrying him, grooming and playing with him. Monkers has turned into a great mama monkey, making sure he gets plenty to eat. He even has a little belly on him now!
Baby Monkeys in "The Big Pool"
The baby monkeys - Monkers, Zumie, & Mochi - are upgrading to a BIG pool! Baby monkeys plus new pool equals big fun all summer long!
Baby Monkeys in "Pool Time"
Baby monkeys - Monkers, Zumie, & Mochi - splash through their first pool party at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.
Baby Monkey Update
It has been almost five months since Monkers, Zumie and Mochi arrived at Jungle Friends and they have all grown up so fast!