Mission Possible: Monkey Retirement

From the Laboratory to a New Life...

Over the years, Jungle Friends has provided sanctuary to more than 200 monkeys released from research laboratories. They have sacrificed in research that benefits humans, and we believe in giving them a life as close to natural as possible for the remainder of their days. With your support, we will provide sanctuary for many more monkeys in the years to come.

2018 marked a momentous occasion. It was the FIRST TIME EVER that the FDA retired monkeys to a sanctuary, and it will not be last! Thankfully, the trend to retirement is gaining momentum, and we expect more retirees in the future. Jungle Friends will be needed for decades to come. In the 22 years of Jungle Friends’ existence, we have grown to become the largest New World primate sanctuary in the U.S. This would not have been possible WITHOUT YOU!

In 2019, our goal is to retire more monkeys from research and bring them to Jungle Friends to live an “Almost Wild” life. There are almost 100,000 monkeys currently in research. This means that Jungle Friends will be needed for decades to come. When these retired monkeys arrive at Jungle Friends, they can look forward to a life outside of cages, and a new beginning full of love, compassion and an “Almost Wild” life! Please help us give them the life they deserve after spending their lives serving humanity.

The Journey of Sloth and Don King

Imagine spending years inside in a small cage with only artificial light. This is the reality that many of our monkeys endured. This is the story of Sloth and Don King.

Sloth and Don King were once surrounded by family and friends in their native home in Argentina, but were stolen from their natural home. They were both sold into laboratory research and used in iron toxicity studies, where they spent so many years all alone in a small cage. Monkeys are social by nature, so this isolation is very traumatic.

After years of living in a laboratory, imagine arriving at a sanctuary with room to act like a monkey for the first time in their lives. Now, Don King and Sloth can feel the grass under their feet and the wind in their hair.

The reaction of Sloth and Don King was one of the most memorable “releases” we have ever witnessed! They were in neighboring habitats and within hours they began to show interest in each other. After less than two weeks, they were introduced. Sloth and Don King now climb, jump, run, hoot and holler, and play with each other!

Will you chose to accept your assignment: Mission Possible: Monkey Retirement? Please help us offer a safe haven to monkeys like Sloth and Don King who have had so little.

Your generosity helps so many monkeys enjoy the freedom they did not have while research subjects.

This Happily Ever After was only possible because of generous people like you! Thank you for your part in Saving Monkeys and Promoting Compassion.

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