So, you think you want a monkey?

Primate Fact Sheet

"Is it possible for me to take in a primate? I would keep you informed with his/her progress! It has always been a dream! Where can I buy a monkey? If I can't adopt it is okay, but a great home awaits!"

Kari Bagnall's response to inquiries about adopting exotic animals as pets:

I have been on both sides of the proverbial fence, so to speak, and I can tell you from my years of experience with exotics of all kinds that they do not make good pets!

I am full to the brim with unwanted ex-pet monkeys, as is every other primate sanctuary in the country! We all receive calls every week with requests to take in more and more monkeys, all because people are buying exotic animals, a VERY BAD idea, to say the least! Captivity offers these wild creatures of the rainforest many problems. You should know where these baby monkeys come from and please see this primate incident factsheet to discover many, many reasons these sentient beings should not be forced into living with our species in captivity. I am not so sure that captivity, as we know it, is that great for humans, much less for a wild animal!

The best thing you could do for a monkey would be to Sponsor A Monkey or volunteer. Be sure to sign up for our Jungle News email list and check our news archives for past posts.

Check out the articles The Phenomenon of Monkeys as Surrogate Children and Loving Them To Death, which provide additional information about the possible consequences (and I contend that these consequences are not only possible, but likely) when human primates attempt to force domestication on simian primates. You may also want to watch the video "My Child is a Monkey".

Please do not buy a "pet" monkey and do not hesitate to contact Jungle Friends if you have any questions.

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks