• Species: Brown Capuchins (Cebus apella)
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: May 23, 2001
  • Arrival: May 22, 2008
  • Background: Surrogate Child
  • Character: Jolly

Andy arrived at Jungle Friends when he was 7 years old. Andy is a jolly fellow weighing in at 17 pounds when he arrived! Fortunately, he has trimmed down with all the exercise he gets playing with other monkeys. He was purchased as a surrogate child by motorcycle racer Angelle Sampey when he was just a tiny baby. Angelle was the "winningest female in motor sports history" but winning as a “monkey parent” is hard to do if you're human. Angelle eventually came to realize that it was wrong to try to keep him in her home. Not only was he a danger to her family and friends -- it was unfair to Andy. He was suffering from loneliness and boredom and began to lash out, viciously attacking Angelle. He needed to live like a monkey with other monkeys. When Andy arrived at Jungle Friends, he was eager to explore his new digs. Before long he was jumping in and out of the hammocks and swinging from the ropes. Andy was so thoroughly "humanized" he didn't know what to make of all the little brown animals in surrounding habitats. He had to learn that they were monkeys just like him and now Andy and his companion are one of the sanctuary’s “model couples”. Watch ABC Primetime: The Outsiders

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