Anna Claire

  • Species: Brown Capuchins (Cebus apella)
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: August 5, 1997
  • Arrival: May 31, 2003
  • Background: Ex-Pet
  • Health Issues: Diabetes
  • Character: Loyal

Anna Claire is diabetic and she arrived at Jungle Friends with her sisters Sarah and Katie Scarlett. These three siblings all have medical issues. Katie Scarlett is blind and suffers from occasional seizures. Her sister Sarah was diabetic and after several strokes passed on March 4, 2014. Although Anna Claire was in critical condition when she arrived, she has responded very well to the Jungle Friends environment, diabetic diet and oral medications. Anna Claire likes to take her time, carefully inspecting her habitat to discover any interesting changes, and evaluates each new caregiver and volunteers. Anna Claire also enjoys rough-and-tumble play with her younger sister, Katie Scarlett. Anna Claire often seems to get the worst of it, but never seems to mind. She is devoted to her special little blind sister and looks out for her, snuggling together every night.