• Species: Brown Capuchins (Cebus apella)
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: December 29, 2004
  • Arrival: February 24, 2008
  • Background: Entertainment
  • Character: Quirky

Chucky is a brown capuchin who arrived at Jungle Friends when he was less than two years old. Chucky was intended to star in a music video, but fortunately for Chucky, he was confiscated during a drug bust and was never made to perform. When we called animal control to see what the conditions were like, we were told that Chucky had run of the house, ropes hanging from the ceiling and so much marijuana smoke, that not only were the people stoned, but so was little Chucky. Chucky now lives in a drug-free environment and is doing just great. Chucky lives with other monkeys and it will wear you out just to watch them romp and play.