• Species: White-Faced Capuchins (Cebus capucinus)
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: March 29, 1998
  • Arrival: March 29, 2005
  • Background: Ex-Pet
  • Character: Sweet

Hayley arrived at Jungle Friends with her best friend Ernie when she was seven years old. Hayley and Ernie are ex-pets. When they escaped their cage and wreaked havoc in the house, their guardian realized once and for all that monkeys are not meant to be ‘pets’. Soon the pair were on their way to Jungle Friends. Hayley is very possessive of Ernie, she was practically raised by him -- he even carried her on his back until she was nearly his size, and he is still very attentive. If Hayley lets out a cry, Ernie runs to her side to make sure everything is all right. Ernie and Hayley spend most of their days playing in their spacious habitat. They love to climb in the trees, swing from the ropes and play chase, hiding from each other behind the plants and in the barrels and buckets. Hayley spends a lot of time grooming Ernie, and dutifully, he grooms her right back. Hayley especially loves to lie back in her hammock and fall asleep next to Ernie; they are quite devoted to each other.