• Species: White-Faced Capuchins (Cebus capucinus)
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: November 21, 1994
  • Arrival: March 15, 1997
  • Background: Entertainment
  • Character: Jokester

Jimmy arrived at Jungle Friends when he was not yet two years old. Jimmy had been purchased as a 'pet' and when his 'owners' became fearful of him he was sold to animal trainers to be in a major motion picture. Stardom however, was not meant for Jimmy. His trainers quickly realized this and decided that Jimmy would be much happier at Jungle Friends. Jimmy is referred to, quite affectionately, as "Jimmy the Jerk". This nickname is due to his teenage-boy attitude: a hormone filled show-off! Hold onto your hat when you walk under Jimmy's runway; he will grab it so fast your head will spin and you will not get it back. Jimmy puts the hat on over his entire head, and then he tries to walk around, even though he cannot see. Another favorite pastime for Jimmy is 'biscuit toss'. He's discovered that monkey biscuits make great weapons, and he aims them with great accuracy at the heads of the unwary. You must be on your toes to pass by Jimmy's habitat!

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