• Species: White-Faced Capuchins (Cebus capucinus)
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: August 25, 2001
  • Arrival: April 17, 2006
  • Background: Ex-Pet
  • Character: Sweet

Macy was born into the exotic pet trade and stolen from her natural mother's arms at just 3-days old. Macy's guardian was working for the breeder when she was born and saw first-hand the insidious nature of the exotic pet trade. Not wanting Macy to be doomed to a life as a breeder, she bought Macy and quit working for the breeder. Macy was only a few years old when she started to self-mutilate. Her guardian contacted Jungle Friends for advice. After numerous emails, long talks and a visit to Florida, Macy’s guardian brought Macy to Jungle Friends where she could live with other monkeys. Macy has adjusted happily to life at the sanctuary. She has a very sweet disposition and loves to play with her new-found monkey friend who she cuddles next to every night night after a day of rough-and-tumble play.

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