Ashley and Odin


AshleyAshley and Odin were cotton-top tamarins who retired from laboratory research in July 2008. Ashley and Odin, along with eight other tamarins, found a home at Jungle Friends when a research laboratory closed its doors. Originally there were seventy cotton-top tamarins in need of homes. It took a full year of planning, fundraising, building and networking with other sanctuaries and organizations to find placements for all seventy.

Ashley was born in 1982; when she arrived at the sanctuary, Ashley was the oldest cotton-top tamarin on record -- 26 years old. Her long-time companion Odin, was 16. Ashley was quite reserved in her old age, but she would do just about anything for her special treats. She still had a lot of spunk! Although Odin was ten years younger than Ashley, he was no spring chicken either. Odin was shy and very sensitive to unusual things in his environment — something as simple as a funny shadow or unexpected noise might upset him. His vision was quite limited, but he was still able to navigate his enclosure just fine.

OdinAshley, Odin and the other eight tamarins who came to Jungle Friends were sent by plane from the research lab to the Orlando airport, where Jungle Friends staff picked them up. It was after dark when they reached the sanctuary. The new residents were taken directly to Tamarin Town and their carriers placed into the indoor enclosures with the carrier doors open for a 'soft release', meaning the monkeys would choose for themselves when they wanted to venture out into unknown territory.

While some of the more adventurous tamarins were eager to explore, Odin and Ashley decided that they would just stay put for a while. However, they emerged late the following morning and were pleased to enjoy some great food and good company. They were both very happy witht their new home — discovering the great outdoors for the first time, getting a taste of a new, larger life — and reminding us why we do what we do!
Ashley and Odin

Ashley & OdinAshley and Odin were inseparable; you never saw one without the other. These two tiny monkeys had a profound relationship. Sadly, Ashley passed away in October of 2008. Following her death, Odin was not the same. He didn't eat well or go outside as early as he had when Ashley was at his side. His grief over her loss was painful to witness. Odin mourned Ashley's passing very deeply. The once playful Odin seemed to have lost the will to live. On January 20, 2009 Odin also passed. We believe he died of a broken heart. We like to think Ashley and Odin are now together again in death, liberated from the cages that confined them — their spirits set free.

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