Chichi 1960 - 2015

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: June 1, 1960
  • Arrival: June 5, 1995
  • Deceased: September 19, 2015
  • Background: Entertainment
  • Health Issues: Cancer, Geriatric
  • Character: Feisty

Chichi’s life with us at Jungle Friends ended with her passing on September 19, 2015. Chichi, she was one of my oldest and dearest friends and has been in my life since 1995. I was told that Chichi had been in a circus before she was bought by a monkey breeder. When the breeder went out of business, he planned to sell ChiChi to the highest bidder at an animal auction; of course, I could not let that happen. Chichi joined the Jungle Friends family. 

Chichi loved to sing and dance, she would serenade you with her songs, dance and twirl and practically stand on her head, and she fully expected anyone in view to join in the dance! Chichi was my favorite dance partner.

Chichi met her soul mate, Jimmy Sr. in 2001 and lived with him for 10 years until he passed of heart failure due to his advanced age. Chichi was introduced to Puchi and Wendell, which eased her pain of losing Jimmy Sr. Chichi and Wendell certainly enjoyed some rambunctious play.

On July, 25, 2012 Chichi saw Dr. Schirmer due to a lump on her breast that had erupted through her skin. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was not good -- mammary carcinoma. The tumor and her lymph node had metastasized and were removed. Even though Chichi’s prognosis was not good, and was only expected to live for several more months -- at Jungle Friends, we believe in Monkey Miracles. Chichi lived three more years.

When Gussie passed due to old age leaving her daughter Joni alone, she was introduced to Chichi and her friends. Joni and Chichi really hit it off, it was apparent that Chichi enjoyed the company of her new girlfriend Joni, they took great care of each other. 

I think we all knew several days ago that Chichi was not long for this world; my fear was that she would pass in the night, alone in the clinic -- she was just too weak to move her back into her habitat with Joni. When Bri went into the clinic Chichi raised her head to acknowledge Bri, but laid it back down. Bri radioed that I needed to come to the clinic. When I saw ChiChi, she looked so tired, she refused food and drink, my heart ached. We contacted Chichi’s local human friends and asked them to come as soon as possible -- it was as if Chichi waited until all of her friends arrived to say good bye, Chichi had more friends than most, she was so loved. Those friends who couldn’t be here for Chichi’s departure sent their love and I know Chichi felt wrapped in love.

I love you Chichi, Kari

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