Ebi 1991 - 2018

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: January 1, 1991
  • Arrival: January 13, 2003
  • Deceased: January 2, 2018
  • Background: Ex-Pet
  • Health Issues: Toothless
  • Character: Happy

Ebi arrived at Jungle Friends after enacting an escape and recapture drama in the swamps of Louisiana. His transfer to Jungle Friends, orchestrated by local animal rescuers, was already in the works, but apparently Ebi felt it would be better to make a run for it even in near-freezing temperatures, rather than trust his future to people. Jungle Friends sent a team to New Orleans and his safe capture was accomplished. Not much is known about his previous life, we believe Ebi was an ex-pet because all of his teeth had been extracted.

At Jungle Friends, it was discovered that Ebi and Mickey, a neighboring white-faced capuchin, had a mutual inclination to make friends. Although usually monkeys are socialized with their own species, Mickey was a 'bad boy' who just didn't want to fit in with the other white-face groups. Sure enough, Ebi and Mickey hit it off. Occasionally they felt compelled to do a little bit of guy-type posturing and name calling, but the mutual play, wrestling and grooming that happens the rest of the time tell the real story. 

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