Jersey 2004 - 2018

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: June 26, 2004
  • Arrival: May 21, 2013
  • Deceased: February 3, 2018
  • Background: Ex-Pet
  • Health Issues: Self-Attacking, Amputee
  • Character: Charismatic

Jersey Boy was kept as a “pet” who had bitten off one toe and was chewing on both feet and his hands, and his flesh was literally dying. After calling specialists to locate tissue for skin grafts and help with amputations, there was no luck. The answer from the experts we called was the same: "Euthanize the monkey." This little monkey was only nine years old, and had barely had a chance to live. Fortunately, Dr. Schirmer understands and supports the Jungle Friends monkey care philosophy, and he had another plan – he found a local orthopedic surgeon who agreed to perform the surgery. The veterinarians amputated Jersey's right leg and part of left foot. Following his recovery from anesthesia, Jersey was already pulling himself up. This little fighter recuperated like a champ and even made a love connection with Elizabeth, another capuchin, while he was in our on-site clinic recovering. Jersey was very spirited and overcame his disabilities – he used his tail as a leg and had no problem negotiating his habitat. Jersey and Elizabeth were a model couple, grooming each other and engaging in play.

Jersey passed unexpectedly in February of 2018. A few weeks before Jersey Boy passed he was in the clinic recovering from having a finger amputated. We all thought Jersey was on the road to recovery from this amputation. Jersey's story was unique and he was a fighter. Over the years of caring for Jersey he touched many people and was an inspiration to many. The monkey yard won't be the same without Jersey's loud screams and excitement for his favorite treats including peanuts. 

Memorial written by Elizabeth: 
Days like today test me more then I thought possible. Death is a horrible thing that we all know will happen one day. I was not prepared for that day to be today for Jersey Boy. This monkey stole my heart the summer of 2013 when he arrived at JF. The first three months were tough. He lost his right leg and all the toes on his left foot. His road to recovery from that was a long 24/7 battle that he won. He adjusted like a champ and lived a wonderful monkey life with his monkey girlfriend “Elizabeth” (He had good taste in his favorite women names). We had a few scares with him over the years including a bad case of pneumonia which resulted in me living with him in the clinic and allowing him to sleep with me on an air mattress to monitor his fevers (and no he is not house broken). The past few weeks have been yet another battle that I really thought he would once again overcome. I am so devastated that I was wrong. I left him last night like I have the past week sleeping in the clinic. When I walked in first thing this morning and opened the door I totally expected to hear his screams of excitement to see me. And him jumping around the quad. But instead there was silence and no movement. My heart sank. When I opened the door to his quad I knew he was gone and a huge piece of me was gone. JF will never be the same to me. It’s crazy to think one monkey could have such an impact on my life - Jersey Boy did.


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