• Species: Black-Handed Spider Monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi)
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: January 27, 1994
  • Arrival: January 27, 2008
  • Background: Other Rescue
  • Character: Confident

Pat was placed in a Learning Center in Texas after Animal Services confiscated her when she was found sitting on a fence in the freezing rain. Pat's fingers, toes and tail all had severe frostbite. Pat would sit in the corner and bang herself in the head with her back foot.

Several vets suggested euthanasia, fortunately, another vet was found who felt Pat deserved a chance to live and recover. All of her toes, all but one finger on her left hand, and the tip of her tail had to be amputated. Three days after her surgery Pat was climbing the trees and hanging from her tail. You wouldn’t know Pat was an amputee, unless you were told.

Pat settled right in to sanctuary life, answering the reassuring calls of the other spider monkeys welcoming Pat to her new home. Pat and her monkey companion enjoy plenty of playtime and grooming sessions.