Mr. Ed

  • Species: Cotton-Top Tamarins (Saguinus oedipus)
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: March 31, 2005
  • Arrival: June 24, 2014
  • Background: Research
  • Character: Gentle

Mr. Ed, named after a Jungle Friends supporter, was one of 66 cotton-top tamarins retired to Jungle Friends after the closure of the primate research lab where he was born. Mr. Ed and his partner were among the first 20 cotton-top tamarins to join our Jungle Friends Family in Munchkinland.

Mr. Ed, who’s thinning cotton top makes him very distinct, has a very sweet, gentle demeanor, though he doesn’t hesitate to express his wariness towards people. Mr. Ed has quickly grown fond of the runway used to connect his indoor enclosure to his outdoor habitat and he spends much of his time there basking in the Florida sunshine.

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