Baby Monkey Playtime

In February of 2011 Monkers, Zumie and Mochi arrived at Jungle Friends and they have all grown up so fast!

MochiAt 7 months old, Mochi (the monkey formerly known as the Baby) is almost as big as Zumie. He has grown to be quite the adventurous and rambunctious monkey. He is always eager to play with Zumie and Monkers, and has become very good at flirting.

MochiZumie, now over one year old, has recovered from her foot injury and spends most of her time playing and exploring the outside habitat.

MochiMonkers is still a devoted surrogate mom for Mochi and they continue to groom and play together. Recently, she has even expressed her love for Billy, one of our most popular male monkeys at the sanctuary. It seems Billy's long-time companion Pickles has found a rival!

No longer in need of constant care, the babies have learned to eat out of diet bowls and even experienced their first habitat move that allowed them to explore completely new surroundings. Looking back to their arrival, it is amazing how far they have come!

MochiMochi spies something interesting!

Mochi"Hummmm...what is this?"

Mochi"I guess it's something to eat?"

Mochi"Yup, something to eat, alright. EAT!"

MochiZumie thinks about the immortal words of Shel Silverstein: Oh the thumb-sucker's thumb May look wrinkled and wet And withered, and white as the snow, But the taste of a thumb Is the sweetest taste yet (as only we thumb suckers know)

MochiMonkers contemplates her next move.

MochiAh ha! Monkers spies someone special.

MochiAnother day in Paradise.

Monkeys in this video: Monkers, Zumie, Mochi

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