Broken Bonds

A mother's love. Witness the miracle of birth. This video features a monkey in labor, giving birth and nursing her baby monkey. Sadly, this is a monkey born into a cage. Happily, this baby will not be stolen from her mother to be sold as a pet or used in laboratory research. Alert all of your friends to watch 'Broken Bonds'. Please help Jungle Friends spread this important message of a mother's love.

Why are there Baby Monkeys at a Sanctuary?

The babies at Jungle Friends are the result of a monkey rescue on October 1, 2010. The babies are Monkers, Zumie, Mochi and now Michelle's little baby born on April 11, 2011.

As a sanctuary, Jungle Friends has a no breeding policy. So, it was quite a surprise to find expectant mothers turning up! We accepted a group of monkeys from Texas and it is now obvious that a vasectomy failed. The situation has been remedied.

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