Eat, groom, play... Baby Monkeys at Jungle Friends


baby monkeyMonkers is a juvenile brown capuchin who was rescued from a bankrupt roadside zoo, along with her younger sister Zumie, and a nursing mother and infant. Unfortunately, the monkeys were anesthetized to facilitate their capture, so they could be transported to Jungle Friends. When mama monkey woke from the anesthesia, she rejected her baby, who was only a few months old.

Jungle Friends staff and volunteers stepped in to bottle feed the baby and care for his physical needs…. and little Monkers stepped up to provide monkey nurturing. We are not sure if the baby is actually Monkers genetic brother, but she has appointed herself as his new little mom - carrying him, grooming and playing with him. It is wonderful to see the loving bond grow between these two young monkeys.

Monkers & babybaby monkey
baby monkey
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